I spy with my little eye...

Your advance:   Information and special know-how out of a different point of view
  • As wheelchair user I know the needs of a customer with mobility impairment and know where the barriers and the challenges are. I can assess the requirements of customers out of a perspective which people without handicap can’t put themselves into even if they acquire theoretical knowledge about accessibility.
  • With my stakeholder-competence I can provide valuable special know-how.
  • My capacity as branch outsider enables an undisguised view into your business, which is not affected by organisational blindness. Due to many years of experiences as international project manager I’m familiar with complex tasks and the coordination of different divisions.
  • During worldwide trips I have experienced a lot of mental/conceptual and structural barriers with whose elimination I dealt with, so that I can deliver several interesting and surprising insights.
  • The cooperation with an agency for visual communication provides synergies in the field of design, communication and advertising.
Your benefit:   Increase in efficiency- and turnover due to improved Customer-relation-
management (CRM)

Different players in the tourism sector like tour operators, hotels, booking platforms, GDS and content-aggregators benefit from an innovative contact to customers with access needs. In addition to the right perspective of view the specific preparation of content and custom-fit marketing are the key success factors. With the fitting details you can reach a lot:


  • Optimised content and specific optical decision-making support will cater for clear, user-oriented communication, qualified information, individual wish fulfilment
    > simplified booking processes, reduction of communication failures and claims
    > satisfied customers, more regular customers, positive reviews, increase of image.
  • Increase of attractiveness of the offers/services for a bigger amount of interested travellers
    > increase of traffic on your website.
  • Efficient customer service due to optimized information for travel agents and service staff, simplified search processes.
  • Higher occupancy/booking rates of adapted rooms.
  • Expanded season occupancy.
    Seniors and people with disability prefer travelling off-season and are temporally independent.
  • Additional revenues due to multiplier-effects.
    People with disability almost travel together with minimum one companion. Often they bring with some friends or their family (More generation holiday).
    Seniors prefer travelling in groups. Adapted accommodations are the decision basis for the entire group.