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The opposite of good
is often well meant!


In the online-jungle:

Seek and you will find...?


Meanwhile the Internet is the most important information source for holiday trips. You get inspiration about the destinations and you find information, pictures and reviews nearly about everything interesting of the preferred destination. About 60% of the Germans use the Internet fordestination research and 41% book online. [1]


Especially for people with disability the web is an ideal booking platform, because it saves the way to the travel agency and the own PC offers technical support e.g. for compensation of seeing or hearing impairments.

People with disability will plan their trips as easy as they are used to from other selling platforms in the web. The same applies to seniors who use the Internet absolutely as normal nowadays.


Wishes and Reality
Online-Travel-Websites obviously don’t realise the requirements of their target groups. [2] They are obliviously unaware of what customers are looking for. The more detailed the requirements of the customers (e.g. Families with infants, seniors, people with disability), the more unsatisfactory the search results.
The target is to guide the individual user comfortable to fitting offers so that he can finish the process with a booking and also report positive on the travel chain. > Multiplier effect


Tell me the truth
The quality and reliability of informationis is essential! A pedestrian can improvise if a detail at the booked hotel/resort deviates from the description. But a wheelchair user must possibly stand massive restrictions up to unsuitability as well as loss of holiday enjoyment if e.g. a bathroom door is too narrow.

Only if the customer was provided by suitable informations he can make a fitting choice and enjoy his trip. This is an advantage for both sides because people with disability as well as seniors show high regular guest potential with close customer loyalty if they have made good experiences.


Quality not quantity
Only meaningful and reliable content can transport company values and product advantages. The quality of the content determines if your website and all other advertising activities inspire the visitors and animate them to buy. Appropriate prepared content for different target groups of customers will be the factor of success of your company communication.


How did you like it?

Satisfied customers/travellers like telling about their experience. Use the customer review as chance to acquire new customers due to value added information and assessment.

[1] Travel analysis 2001 to 2015, FUR
[2] „Internet Travel Agents fail potential –Travel portal study 2014“ Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnik FIT

What people can’t see, touch, experience, doesn’t exist for them.

If content is not defined or not detectable because of lack of usability it is inaccessible for users and therefore useless. Accordingly the sales opportunities will be reduced to zero.

Bett in Wolke

The travel industry sells dreams! These often will not become reality because potential customers already fail at step 1 of the customer journey.


Customer Journey:

1. Inspiration, Information

2. Booking

3. Stay

4. Reflexion/Feedback/Review